Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Smelling a little change!!!

Well, this is it! Change is upon us! All wonderful - all exciting!

1. This morning, Malaya 'graduated' from Kindergarten! How precious she looked! Her hair was almost as bouncy as her sweet little personality! This former first grade teacher pronounces her fully ready for first grade (or maybe fourth - ha!). David and Jenny are super parents! We even got front row seats to the graduation because of Jenny's hard work for Ms. Rhodes!

2. Wednesday is my last day with ChristianWorks for Children (formerly Christian Services of the Southwest). It has been a great place to grow, to learn, and to spread my wings as a counselor. I have made life-long friends with some of my colleagues. I will be forever grateful to Beth Darrow and Cullen Johnson for hiring me!
Now, I am on a path to get to Wise County permanently! As of June 1, I will be employed with the Tommy Maddox Foundation. I will be in Grapevine two days a week and in Decatur two days a week until August 1 - then... Decatur full-time! We are opening Wise County Christian Counseling, a Ministry of the Tommy Maddox Foundation. God has His sweet fingerprints all over this one and it has been a joy to watch it unfold!

3. Josh and Kayci are on their way home from a blessed and much needed vacation. They will be setting up house in Houston. Kayci will still be employed by ACU and is scheduled to begin June 5; Josh preaches his first 'employed' sermon at Southwest Central on June 11.

4. Jed is coming ANYDAY!!! Jonathan and Jen went for a dr. visit this morning and he gave her a copy of her file - just in case. (Jonathan thinks he is going to Game 5 of the Mavs series with the Suns. Jed may begin to show his control with a grand entrance in his own precious sweet time to mess that one up! - only if he is anything like is daddy - ha!)

I told you change is everywhere! May be the Lord be praised and glorified through it all!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

O Dear Christian College We Love You...

Ten years ago this August, Rick and I drove our precious first-born to Abilene to begin her ACU days. We have loved going to Abilene for visits - seeing old friends and making lots of new ones.
Last Saturday, both our sons graduated from ACU to end their college days. We are done!!!!! Josh graduated with his Master's of Divinity! and Jonathan graduated with his Bachelor's!!! We are so excited as they both enter new phases of their lives!
FYI: Jonathan received a Servant-Leader Award! Way to go! (All three boys got awards when they graduated! How cool is that!?!?!?!?!)
I started to feel sad that our trips to Abilene had come to an end but then my sweet husband reminded we are committed to being there in July and in September! YEA! We aren't totally done! I LOVE ACU! - always the party!