Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Thought about Love

I could not help but sense the intense sadness of the vet and the owners that had to make the decision to euthanize Barbaro. Wow! They worked so hard for so long!
As a professional counselor who deals with grieving people on a regular basis, there was a quote by one of Barbaro's owners that struck my heart: "Grief is the price we pay to love."
Ah, yes, it is! Love is risky - always a sacrifice at some level. What we have to decide over and over is if it is worth the risk. Healthy love is always worth stepping into more, truth?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, this is it! 2007 is officially in full-swing for this girl. Back in the office and back to trying to catch up.
I loved our holiday season this year! Jed's first Christmas with us was a blast! We have taken great delight in watching Malaya open gifts for 7 years now and she is quite the little pro! So grateful! She knows exactly where to add the ooooh's and the aaaahh's!
To make resolutions or not, that is the question. I am a resolution-maker. I love them! I love writing them down and checking them off as I accomplish them. Yes, I make some that can never be finished and some that give me pleasure to say 'done' and add the little check.
This next year, I really, really want to step in closer to the Lord - to experience His fullness.
I want to again learn more about practicing Sabbath.
I want to scrapbook.
I want to cross-stitch.
I want to decorate for Christmas over Thanksgiving.
I want to try to mail one of the first Christmas letters people receive instead of my traditional New Year's letter.
I want to unleash my soul - to allow myself to love freely and in richer abundance.
I want to love my people well!
I want to know Jesus better!
I want to pray with Rick more.
I want to have more parties!!!
I want to hear more stories!!!
I want to really see the hurting.
I want to follow the Spirit's prompting to do random acts of kindness.
I want to do nothing to cause me shame.

May you be richly blessed in 2007 as you serve Him and His! May the Lord take great delight in you! And may you live in the sunshine of His face! Radiate on us, Lord! May we line up under your Light!