Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year!

Malaya shows off an extra-large 'Santa' grin. She is our precious!
Rick and the grand-ones on New Year's Eve. Aren't they a darling group?
Truitt Ross was a blast on his first Christmas! We are delighted he is here!
Barbie, my sister, and me with our parents on Christmas Day. We were so glad they could all be here with us!
Jed already has a burning desire to preach! The more people stared and smiled at him during his 'sermon', the more fired up he became!

Christmas was a total delight this year! It was our year to have everyone with us on Christmas Eve and Day and it was full of laughter, food, long talks, playing, and more laughter with joy on top!

As I move in to plans for 2008, I have one word I choose to pray through: simplify. I don't know all it means or what it looks like but I am begging the Lord to teach me and reveal to me ways He wants to manifest Himself in and through me by way of the simple. I think a good place to start will involve garbage bags and a journal - not at the same time but definitely connected.

I pray rich blessings on you, my precious friends - rich blessings of God's presence and fulfillment. I pray that this year we can find some time to chat over enchiladas and I can hear more life stories. I want to spend some time with 'my people' bragging on the Lord God Almighty!!!!