Friday, April 14, 2006

'Good' Friday

Several years ago, through the encouragement of one of my children, I began to pay attention to what is called 'Holy Week'. I grew up thinking that Easter was about the bunny and eggs and a new dress and, finally, the day I could begin to wear white (until after Labor Day, of course). These are the traditions I passed on to my children - but through them I have learned that Resurrection Day is so much more. You see, this IS Passover week. This is the week that, so many years ago, Jesus went to the cross as our one and only Perfect Sacrificial Lamb. This is the day - oh, my, why do we call it 'Good'????? It is heartbreaking story to read through in the Word. To see Jesus tortured, to hear the screams and moans, to see the loneliness and despair in the eyes of the ones who loved Him. Mary...doesn't your heart just bleed for her?? To witness her God-child... I wonder if she remembered Simeon's words as he prophesied over her first-born: "This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel...And a sword will pierce your own soul too."
This is the day that Jesus, for the first time ever and the only time ever!, spent time isolated from God! - He was ALONE on that cross - alone with all our sin!!! I hate that picture. I hate it because I picture Satan laughing! What a grotesque scene!
This is a heavy scene - a heavy day! But Sunday, sweet Sunday is coming! The silence of death is broken through the empty tomb!
This year, with my granddaughter, we will still do eggs and the bunny and a new dress and white shoes -- but we will also relish in the thought of our freedom, of our salvation because God chose, on a Friday long ago to conquer sin - once and for all - through His Perfect Sacrificial Lamb, His Son, Jesus!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Happy Birthday, Precious Malaya!

Six years ago today - I became known as Grammy - not just anybody's Grammy but Malaya's Grammy! This has been the most fun ever!
Malaya and I have had a special bond from the moment she was born! We find delight in the same things, laugh at the same things, watch the same kinds of movies, enjoy talking about the same things, and play the same kind of games! I love for her to spend the night with me and we just get to 'hang out' together.
Malaya, you are my special friend! I am so blessed to have you in my world! I love to hear you talk about God and Jesus. I treasure the times that you tell stories your mommy and daddy have read to you from God's Word. You made my heart leap for joy when you shared your favorite verse with me: Proverbs 17:17 -- "A friend loves at all times."
Malaya, I admire your decisiveness. May the Lord use and bless that skill as you take a firm, sure stand for Him! May your lips always profess Him as Lord!
Malaya, thank you for the joy I find with you!
David and Jenny, thank you both for sharing her with us!!!! We are blessed because you do!