Friday, September 29, 2006

Catchin' up...

The last few weeks have been craziness for me. I am using this morning to catch up and writing this blog made the to-do list.
On September 15, my dad was careflighted to Tyler with all his systems shutting down - respitory and kidney failure, congestive heart failure, heart attack, the list could go on. It was a scary time as I drove to be with my mom. Josh and Kayci arrived shortly after I did (they will never know how wonderful it was to sit with me in that waiting room - but heart leaped when I saw Kayci's sweet smile and knew Josh was right behind her).
The second time Mom, Barbie, and I went in to see dad, he was very alert even though he had a breathing tube in - he couldn't talk but my dad has the gift of getting his message across with intense eyes and flamboyant gestures. He wanted to thank God and then he 'asked' my mother what had happened to him. Then he looked at me and pointed - he wanted me to pray! As we huddled over his bed, I voiced our praise to the Lord and our joy in the legacy of having a dad like Billie Jones, then he motioned to my sister - she, too, prayed over Daddy. What a blessing to have a dad so much in love with our Heavenly Father!
I am extremely grateful to be part of a nurturing community of faith. Jane Jones (Jeff's mom) beat me to hospital in Tyler with my favorite cookies in hand! We spend several nights with them in their lovely home! What wonderful new friends!
Dad went home for three days and is back in the hospital in Crockett with congestive heart failure but feels great and should go home early next week. Please pray!
We want to get them to Decatur asap!

**On Tuesday night, October 3, the Tommy Maddox Foundation is hosting a free dinner to introduce Wise County Christian Counseling - that's me! We have had a GREAT response so far. I pray the Lord will have His hands all over this ministry!

**I leave in a few hours to do a Ladies' Day tomorrow in Temple. I am so excited! Retreat season is here! Lots of travel in the weeks to come. I pray I will bring glory to His name and reflect Him in my words and interactions with my new friends.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Well, I have just a few more minutes to wish an extremely happy birthday to my oldest son - Joshua Louis Ross - better known as Josh, Joshy, or Boss - depending on who is calling him.
Today, Josh is 26. He was born in 1980, which still holds the record for the longest heat wave in Abilene, Texas.
I love to use birthdays to reflect on the treasures in my heart. With my firstborn son, there are many, many, many - so here are just a few:
*When he was little, he wanted to be exactly like his daddy -- wear a cap if Rick did, only wear zipper jeans because Rick did, sit like Rick, etc.
*He loved his Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw (my grandparents). They let him hammer real nails into a piece of wood. They let him work on all their doors. Paw-Paw chewed tobacco so Josh had a little spit can too! He still loves 'squirt cheese' and crackers - just like Maw-Maw always kept for him.
*Josh loved the Astros! That was a major bedtime issue for us! He learned his ABC's by their names.
*He loved football - could count by 6's and 7's before he could start to school.
*When he was in first grade, I got a call from his teacher - he had made an F on a spelling paper. When we questioned him, he said he felt so sorry for his friend that sat next to him who struggled in school! He didn't want him to feel alone! Compassion has always been in his heart!
*When we moved to Crockett, he was going into 2nd grade and Jonathan was going into Kinder. Jonathan had difficult time going to school. We thought maybe if Josh took him to class on the second day, he would do better. Josh had to peel his little brother's hand off his; so instead of having an unhappy Kinder son --- we now had a crying Kinder son and a crying 2nd grader. Toooooo sad!
*Beginning in about junior high, Josh turned into a major prankster! He got his teachers, principals, next-door neighbors, and even his father in on tricking me! Too many times to name here!
*He does a great Fresh Prince impersonation!
*His senior year, there was a tragic car wreck involving some fellow students. The student body was going assemble at night to draw strength from each other. Josh was called to speak and did an excellent job comforting his classmates with the Word of God.
*Josh has always had a heart for the lost. Several of his friends in Crockett and Mesquite were into the Lord Jesus.
*Watching him play football and lead his team, on and off the field, were a blessing to Rick and to me. (He and Jonathan still play flag football together - winning a game in Houston tonight.)
*He is a fabulous uncle to our precious Malaya - she adores him! (Can't wait to watch what he will do at night on our next vacation for Jed!)
*It is a blast to watch his tight bond with David, Jenny, Jonathan, and Jennifer!
*He brought Kayci into our family!
*Two years ago, when Rick and I began to catch on that things at Lake Cities were not going well, Josh rallied around us. He called us everyday. He cried with us and prayed over us. He spoke many, many words to refocus us.
*Today, Josh is known as a man of strength, tremendous wisdom, prayer, fasting, not only a gifted preacher, but a serving minister.
*Josh is a family man, planning time for us to all be together.
*He is not a middle child - he is our oldest son - a son that we are so proud to call our own.
**And he is going to be a daddy - a wonderful, wonderful daddy!

We love you, Josh, and are so proud of you! What a blessing you are to so many!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Grandbaby #3!!!!!

Josh and Kayci are pregnant!!!! YEA!!!!! May 5 is our date!!!! Can't wait!!! Malaya wants a girl!!! Josh and Kayci, we love you and we pray for a healthy, healthy baby. We know precious cute is a for-sure!!!!
More to come - just wanted to shout it from the rooftop for now!!!!!!!!
Side note: 3rd blog of the week!!!!!

Malaya Story

Sunday night, Malaya spent the night with me. After church, we ran by Wal-Mart for a "minute". After she had helped her Grampy at the self-checkout and we were walking back to the car, Malaya said something like: "Grammy, I just love that you live in Decatur now." (I totally agreed!!!) Then she said: "I love how you make new friends at church then come to Wal-Mart and get to visit with them!"
Want a social experience? Try coming to Wal-Mart in Decatur! There are no 'minute' trips though! But a total blast!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Favorite Things of Summer 2006

September 1 - Summer is (to borrow the words of Malaya) "done, done, done, done, done, done, done!"
It has been a total blast! My first official summer in Decatur has been rich in God's blessings! His handiwork surrounds me! I don't want to forget them so I am making a list of the best:
(these are not in order of importance but in order of happening)
*planting a flower bed out the back door (with a fountain and a bird feeder)
*opening of Wise County Christian Counseling, a ministry of the Tommy Maddox Foundation
*Jedidiah David Ross was born!
*watching Bammel Road be such a supportive church family for Jonathan and Jennifer
*finding out the trip to Houston is really not that long!
*having Malaya over to spend the night and play
*going to Southern Hills for Jed's baby blessing, worshipping with Jonathan leading, staying with the Wares
*watching Jed smile
*Josh preaching on a Wed. night in Decatur
*Rick preaching on a Wed. night in Crockett
*going to hear Jeremy Camp and Stephen Curtis Chapman in concert at Six Flags
*speaking at ACU - traveling with and sharing a room with my friend, Vicki; seeing lots of old
friends and making new ones
*spending a very relaxing evening at Joe T. Garcia's with Jenny, David and Malaya
*staying with Josh and Kayci; hearing Josh preach; watching their new church love them
* taking Malaya to the circus
*getting Malaya's picture made at the McHale's
*going to Boston (and surrounding areas) with Rick
*celebrating our 30th anniversary
*watching Jed grow and learn to roll over and echo 'ooohhhhh'
*watching Jonathan and Jennifer parent so easily
*Malaya starting first grade
*watching my car roll over to 100,000+ miles
*nurturing our yard wth Rick - buying some of my favorite plants to add color
*reading Luke over and over again and learning more about Jesus every time!
*getting ready for Fall

Isn't that just like God? Never leaves His people without something to look forward to!! I just LOVE that about Him!!!!!