Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm off!!! and leaving as a 50-year-old!

Well, this is it -- I leave for Africa in a little over 12 hours! It has been a great week - full of rich memories! Last Wednesday I turned 50 and the celebration began! Rick took me away on a very relaxing day away. We spent the night at the Hilton Thursday night, hung around on Sundance Square, and ate dessert at Marble Slab (YUM)! Then spent Friday back and forth between the Botanical Gardens and the Stockyards -- only to get kidnapped at Joe T.'s!! My family was waiting on me there! What a surprise!!!!
Then home to 'hang out' -- SURPRISE!!! What a great party with my friends from church! I love our church family!
Can't wait to share stories from my time in Africa!!!
Rick, I love you more than I have words to tell you! I count it a HUGE blessing to share like with a man becoming more like Jesus every day! There will not be a moment you will not be in my thoughts! You make my dreams come true! I will so miss your touch and your smile! Only a few day, my man, only a few days!
My children, you are the best! I treasure what the Lord is doing in each of you! May you continue to hold strong in the faith!
Malaya, you have changed my life forever! I love looking at the Lord through your precious innocent eyes! I can't wait to read your sweet notes!
Jed, I love you emerging personality! I woke up this morning thinking of how it will be to hear you say 'Jesus'!
Truitt, I can't wait to hold you! and to add to my picture collection! You are already being covered in prayer!

Blessings, sweet friends and family!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pleading for prayer over our trip

Well, it is ten days until our little group leaves for Kenya and I want to beg you to lift your voices to the Lord on our behalf. We will not be able to one thing without Him! There are some general prayer requests that have gone out on behalf of the entire team but I want to ask you, friends and family, to pray the following for me:
* For may family's health while I am away, especially my dad and my pregnant daughter-in-law.
* For my clients since I will be gone 2 weeks.
* That Rick will be protected and not feel alone.
* For the flights over and back to be smooth, easy, and free of motion-sickness and anxiety.
* For wisdom and discernment in this ministry.
* That I will rest in Him and serve in His strength.
* That our team will be of one heart so that God will be glorified and magnified.
* That the Lord will use this experience to further caputure our hearts.
* My parents will be moving to Decatur while I am gone! Can you believe it? Pray that goes well for them and that they will be calm in my absence.
* Please pray for our God to cover our team with His traveling mercies!
* I will be facilitating a workshop on grief - please pray the Lord will use our time together to work His healing.

Thank you so much! I would be delighted to pray over you while I am gone. Please send me your requests! What a blessing we have when we take each other's name to the throne of the Almighty! Amen and Amen!