Friday, July 28, 2006

Going to ACU

I am leaving later today to head west. I am speaking for the Summer Workshop at ACU tomorrow morning. Topic: the Light of the Lord. I LOVE studying God's Light! I love that we, His people, have been given such a distinguising mark - a mark to spotlight His glory. The second session, we will be exploring 'masks' tht we wear that hide His Light in us. Masks like anger, bitterness, fear. Can't those ugly masks creep in and on our hearts so very quickly. Oh, Lord, may we see the work of Satan - the work that diminshes You. May we make the choice to step into You, closer and closer. May we choose, Father, not to allow our own pain to hide Your hand in our lives! Lord, may my presentation be clear and be words that will honor Your Name.
Vicki Straughan, a dear friend and former co-worker, is also speaking at the workshop and we will be traveling together. I pray for sweet conversation.
Anne Jones, a precious young mommy from Southern Hills, is going to sing a couple of songs in the sessions. I can't wait to work with her! I will pray her new minsitry.
Please pray for safe travel and for the Lord to be glorified through our time together.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Pictures of my cuties!!!!

Could life get better than this???? (I am so excited I have accomplished posting pictures! I may get better at blogging if I can show off my people!)
The first picture is of my delightful grandchildren having their first heart to heart. Malaya adores Jed and loves just staring at him! Looks like Jed enjoys her too! He is just over 2 weeks in this shot.
The second picture was taken last Sunday morning right before church. He is one month and three days. I had just dressed him for his introduction at Southern Hills. I love those dancing eyes and that HUGE smile!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good Friends!

I have been surrounded as of late with the reminders of the precious gift of wonderful friends! On Sunday, July 2, Johnny and Debbie Garner (along with Jonathan and Jillian) came to Decatur to see us! What treasured memories we share with them from our Crockett days. Rick's first ministry was in Crockett, Texas, and the Garners were gifted encouragers to us. I loved laughing with them and getting the latest on people we love. Friendship with history - fun!
Then on Monday, we had invited several couples from church over to eat Rick delicious burgers and drink iced tea! We ate on our back porch and relaxed to the purr of our fountain. Friendship with future - exciting!
Our little grand-daughter was with us for both! What a ball for us to enjoy her with our friends! and to watch her make new buddies too!
Wednesday night we had Jonathan, Jennifer, and JED with us for church and to spend the night! It was a total blast showing off our new grandson to all our church friends! This is the first church we have ever been at that hasn't known our kids so we relish the moments to introduce the fam!! I slept with Jed that night - actually all I do is lay beside him and watch him sleep. I want to memorize him - I do not want to forget his squeaks and stretches.
Rick and I spent Thursday night with our small group of friends that meet weekly to study the Word and lift each other in prayer. The Lord is our Reason and our Focus.
Friday I spent watching my very bestest friend play good golf! I love hanging out with Rick!!!
I spent Saturday and Sunday in Abilene with Phil and Donna Ware (and Jon, Jen, and Jed). What precious new friends! So hospitable! So warm! I loved worhipping the Lord at Southern Hills. Phil spoke sweet words of blessing over Jed. He reminded us of his legacy of faith.
May we be committed to revealing You, Father, to the next generation!
Great community of faith! Old friends, new friends, family friends, faithful friends, partnering friends, mentoring friends! Thank you, Lord, for the gift of friendship!