Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

I haven't written a blog since Jed was born! I cannot tell you how many times I have tried but I decided I would not write until I can figure out how to post pictures! It can't be that hard! People do it everyday! I have found the picture button; I can upload them; then, gone... I am lost after that - boohoo! So many, many precious pics for you to see that are lost in blogland somewhere! I have been to Houston twice since my last post. I have the cutest pictures!!!

This last weekend we went to celebrate Jed's daddy's birthday! Today is Jonathan's birthday. June 25, 1983 was the day our world forever changed with the appearance of a precious baby boy! So many memories as of late because Jed looks so much like him! They share the same gorgeous eyes, same long torso, same love of being held, especially while sleeping! (That 'job' is mine when I am in Houston!) Last Friday night, Jen and I had Jed on the bed talking to him and he just opened his mouth and waited - we all waited - with anticipation - he was ready to talk, I totally promise. All three of us knew he was ready to tell us something! We got it even if no sound came out yet. Yep, just like his daddy! Jonathan was an early talker! Jed will be too! I know it!!

Jonathan, it has been a joy and a blessing to be your mother! Let me just ramble with a few memories for a moment!
*you could climb before you could walk!
*you tried to shave TWICE before you were four (what happened to that love of the razor?????)
*you were always so funny when you were in trouble that I found myself constantly saying "my
face may be laughing but my heart is not"
*you nearly got killed on the many dares from Josh (and probably Jenny - she was just quieter)
-the time you jumped off the porch of the Savage's garage apartment
-the time you drank Worcestershire sauce blistering you lips
*you survived them 'cannonballing' you to the ceiling when they were babysitting you
*you could sing all the books of the Bible when you were 3
*you and Clint performed at the Grace St. talent show when you were 5
*when I would wave at you at your football games, you would just shake your head 'no'
but I knew you loved it - didn't you????
*watching you lead a community of believers in worship through song
*watching you coach Jennifer through childbirth with such steadiness; watching her find
strength in you
*hearing you tell the nurse you were bringing Jen in to be 'checked' again even though the contractions hadn't been at 3 min apart for ONE HOUR - great call!!!!!
*watching you 'beam' at the birth of your own son
*watching you love you wife!!!! (to see her precious blog and pics, go to

I could go on and on and have a lot of fun doing it! I really just want you to know that you have been a gift since the day you were born! The best part has been watching you mature into a man of God! I love thinking of His eyes on you and His face smiling to see a heart given to Him! May He bless you richly this next year and forever! I love you!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jedidiah David Ross is here!!!!!

We pulled into Houston about 10 on Monday night - Jen had been sent home - the nurse said she was not quite ready. She showered a couple of times and timed contractions - serious contractions. Lyn (her mom) and I fretted silently downstairs - we wanted her at the hospital! Finally, about 12:45, Jonathan called the nurse on the phone to ask about when to bring her back. The nurse said when her contractions had been at 3 minutes for an hour! He asked if her could bring her anyway to double check. We all piled in cars - only to have Jen jump out in driveway - she couldn't sit down! Jonathan coached her through a couple of contractions and she climbed in the front seat. We followed in our car. We were delighted there was no traffic at 1 am and that Jonathan found the accelerator!
We got to the hospital at 1:18 and Jed was born in the triage room (an examination room) at 1:24!!!! Six minutes! Two nurses delivered him - or rather, watched him deliver himself! Jonathan said two pushes was all it took and it looked like Jed was on a slip and slide. Dr. Moore arrived shortly.
He is beautiful!!! I can't figure out how to post pictures yet but I have PLENTY! Laura, Jen's twin, went to get them delevoped for me and they gave her a box - almost $100 worth of pictures! and not one I don't want to post! He is a doll! Sleeps great! Eats great! and sneezes perfectly!!!
Jonathan and Jen had 20 people over to watch the Mavs Thursday night! (They came home on Wed. night) Clappers and all! Jed didn't even flinch! He must be well accustomed to his daddy cheering! His mommy and daddy decked him out in Mavs clothes to watch the game. Stay tuned for family shot! Jonthan calls him Dirk - my dad calls him Lightening! (because of his quick entry!)
Malaya held him 3 times yesterday and giggled the whole time!
We are grandparents of two precious, precious little ones! We are blessed!
Welcome to our family, Jedidiah!

Monday, June 05, 2006

It is time!

Got the call at lunch today! I was with my precious friend Suzy when Jonathan called to say Jen is having contractions! The whirlwind began! Suzy ran to Target and WalMart for me (Jonathan wants to bring Jed home in Mavs 'stuff'.) I ran to my office to cancel appointments. This is it! They are at the hospital. We are on our way to Houston! Please pray for a safe delivery. More later---