Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Best of Summer '07

August 27 - the first day of school - may it be a new beginning of blogs for me! I became a 'grammy' of 3 and disappeared to play for a few months. But I want back in!!! This summer has been full of rich blessings! I have come up with a list of my top 12 most favorite things about the summer of '07. (Drum roll please, Rick):

Jed, Malaya, and Truitt sharing

a 'cousin moment' on vacation.

1.) Jed's First Birthday Bash! Our first time to have all 3 grand ones together!
2.) Truitt's Baby Blessings (Rick got to speak)
3.) Many trips to Houston - the road has gotten so much shorter!
4.) Going to Smart Marriage conference in Denver with Rick
5.) Jed and Jen staying with us!
6.) Taking Malaya and Jed to the zoo
7.) Vacation at Lake Conroe
8.) Studying with a group of young mothers on Wednesday morning - so many new friends!
9.) Watching High School Musical 2 with Malaya
10.) Celebrating 31 years with Rick
11.) Planning for my fund-raiser which is this Thursday
12.) Studying Exodus - getting ready for the fall ladies' class - I totally cannot wait!

Today, I had lunch with a group of mothers who had just dropped their children off at school. We met to pray over this school year. May it be rich with opportunities to shine Jesus!

I've been trying to get more pics on here but having real trouble - stay tuned.