Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I have been reading some research that says that our brains are not wired to feel anxiety and thanksgiving at the same time. Isn't that just like God to remind us over and over and over in the Word - Don't worry but, rather, be thankful. To be thankful is a choice. It is a mindset. To wrap my own head around this concept, here is the beginning of my 'I am thankful for ...' list:

My precious husband, who is more like Jesus everyday
My children all love the Lord and passionately serve Him
My three precious grandchildren!!!!!
My parents - that they enjoy health and we enjoy having them close
My church family
My job - I LOVE going to work everyday!
Our Tuesday morning study group with young moms
So many wonderful friends
The written Word
The Living, Breathing Word
The Spirit - His indwelling and His empowerment
The concept of marriage
God's redeeming heart
Jesus' story

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I have allowed myself to become too busy - too busy to be who I desperately want to be. I am suffering from what Randy Frazee calls "crowded loneliness" so there are some changes coming! I have already accepted 4 speaking engagements on weekends from January through May (2 of those are with Rick) but I am not going to be taking on anything else for this season. I am going to be reinvestigating my life and adjusting a few details. I want to spend some time 'breaking up my unplowed ground' and seeking the Lord with all my heart.
Hosea 10: 12 was shared in a devo recently and it really has been playing in my heart:
"Sow for ourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the LORD, until He comes and showers righteousness on you."
Blessings, sweet friends, in your jouney with the Lord and may He bless our hearts with deeper spiritual roots in the days to come!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Birthday, Rick!!!

We have had a blast celebrating Rick' 51st birthday! We have eaten at Landry's, Uncle Julio's, the Paradise Cafe! Does it get any better? He is an awesome man! I love being married to someone who has made it his life goal to look more and more like Jesus. I love my life with him! I am a better woman because Rick Ross is part of my life! Today (and yesterday), we celebrate you!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Exodus 1-2

This morning on Good Morning America one of the guests was a college professor who just found out he has 3-6 months to live. His teaching has changed - he wants his 3 young children ( and his college students) to KNOW his values not just facts about his life.
I have been thinking alot about 'telling the next generation' through my study of Exodus:
Have you ever pondered what it must have been like for the people of God between Genesis and Exodus? How deafening is the silence of God?!?!?! I wonder how often and with what enthusiasm they repeated Joseph's words found in Gen. 50: "surely God will come to your aid" (and his prophetic words: 'when He does get my bones outta here!')
What did their mamas tell them about faith?
Isn't it also so very interesting the tremendous compassion revealed first in women and then contagiously invading the men - ha! Pharaoh's daughter was 'deeply moved' by seeing a breathing baby in the Nile - Wow! Moses' mom compassionately making a basket; his sister compassionately hovering in the weeds. Oh, and you can't forget the midwives who, in their compassion, tricked Pharaoh at his own game!
Then Moses' great compassion for his 'own' people - how did he know? His deep concern rushed ahead of God's call. He was ready to play deliverer before the Deliverer told him how and when. But I love the end of Ex. 2 - when Heaven begins to roar with compassion - something (Someone) is about to be stirrin' on earth!
I LOVE Exodus!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Done, done, done, done, done, done, done

The title is a quote from Malaya a few years ago when she was ready to go home after looking at lights on Christmas Eve. The saying has just 'stuck' to show when I am really finished - I mean totally finished - with something.
My fundraiser for the year is over! On August 30, about 70 people gathered to eat a meal and hear testimonies from some of my clients and a highly motivational talk by Ty Lovell, the minister at Crossroads Community Church here in Decatur. When the night was over, we had raised a little over $19,000 - with pledges, the total is almost $45,000 for the year! May the Lord be praised! I get to work here another year!
I love my job! I have such a passion for this ministry!
Psalm 90: 17 was the verse for the event: "May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us -- yes, establish the work of our hands."

Today Rick and Jacob challenged us to Give 60 for the Master. They encouraged us to get our hands dirty in some kind of volunteer work outside of the walls of our building. So many ideas floating around:
WARM, CASA, the Domestic Violence Task Force are a few places that need help.
There is a young woman in a convalescent center that needs someone to read to her.
There are people to visit and encourage.
I am excited and eager to hear what people find to do to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Wise County!
May He definitely establish the work of our hands!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Best of Summer '07

August 27 - the first day of school - may it be a new beginning of blogs for me! I became a 'grammy' of 3 and disappeared to play for a few months. But I want back in!!! This summer has been full of rich blessings! I have come up with a list of my top 12 most favorite things about the summer of '07. (Drum roll please, Rick):

Jed, Malaya, and Truitt sharing

a 'cousin moment' on vacation.

1.) Jed's First Birthday Bash! Our first time to have all 3 grand ones together!
2.) Truitt's Baby Blessings (Rick got to speak)
3.) Many trips to Houston - the road has gotten so much shorter!
4.) Going to Smart Marriage conference in Denver with Rick
5.) Jed and Jen staying with us!
6.) Taking Malaya and Jed to the zoo
7.) Vacation at Lake Conroe
8.) Studying with a group of young mothers on Wednesday morning - so many new friends!
9.) Watching High School Musical 2 with Malaya
10.) Celebrating 31 years with Rick
11.) Planning for my fund-raiser which is this Thursday
12.) Studying Exodus - getting ready for the fall ladies' class - I totally cannot wait!

Today, I had lunch with a group of mothers who had just dropped their children off at school. We met to pray over this school year. May it be rich with opportunities to shine Jesus!

I've been trying to get more pics on here but having real trouble - stay tuned.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Introducing Truitt Ross

I finally did it! Here he is! Joshua Truitt Ross! Isn't he gorgeous?!?
We are so excited! He was born on May 5, weighing 6 pounds and 4 ounces - 20 inches long. Check out his blog for more pics: truittross.blogspot. com. Today is his Mommy and Daddy's 5 year anniversay. Happy, happy, Josh and Kayci! We love you and are so proud of you! Thanks for giving us such a doll to love! We can't wait 'til Thursday! (That one pic is of both our sons with their sons - aren't they all adorable? Jenny and David are on their way to Houston to introduce Malaya - more pics to come.)
Truitt has a high bilirubin count - home health is bringing over a light to keep him under. Please pray for him - and his Mommy and Daddy.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Truitt is coming!

Today is the day - we got the call this morning and we are heading to Houston. Josh are Kayci are at the hospital - they are keeping her! I am gathering my cameras and running to get packed but wanted to write a quick message seeking prayer coverage over this day and the days to come. I'll write more as soon as we know details - like hopefully, very soon!
(I know I have been lax in writing lately - but retreat season is officially over and I plan on slowing down a bit beginning ... well, soon.)
I love you, my friends!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Proud Mama!

Check out Brandon Scott Thomas' blog from yesterday! This mama is beaming! BST writes about Josh and the comments include both "Ross boys". The address is

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'm home!

Six days ago, I landed back in Texas - a very tired, but extremely energized woman! (Is that possible?!?!?!) I LOVED my time in Africa! The safari was a super (stay tuned for pics); the scenery gorgeous; but the friends - oh, my! I was so blessed! The Lord was so good as He showered me with sweet, precious relationships! I have tons of picures to post this week. I will try to write and highlight some of the highlights throughout the week.
I would love to take Rick back to meet all my new friends!
Only one week until Easter! I LOVE EASTER!!!! The empty tomb makes me want to dance and celebrate! Isn't it totally delightful that we serve a risen Lord!?!?

Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm off!!! and leaving as a 50-year-old!

Well, this is it -- I leave for Africa in a little over 12 hours! It has been a great week - full of rich memories! Last Wednesday I turned 50 and the celebration began! Rick took me away on a very relaxing day away. We spent the night at the Hilton Thursday night, hung around on Sundance Square, and ate dessert at Marble Slab (YUM)! Then spent Friday back and forth between the Botanical Gardens and the Stockyards -- only to get kidnapped at Joe T.'s!! My family was waiting on me there! What a surprise!!!!
Then home to 'hang out' -- SURPRISE!!! What a great party with my friends from church! I love our church family!
Can't wait to share stories from my time in Africa!!!
Rick, I love you more than I have words to tell you! I count it a HUGE blessing to share like with a man becoming more like Jesus every day! There will not be a moment you will not be in my thoughts! You make my dreams come true! I will so miss your touch and your smile! Only a few day, my man, only a few days!
My children, you are the best! I treasure what the Lord is doing in each of you! May you continue to hold strong in the faith!
Malaya, you have changed my life forever! I love looking at the Lord through your precious innocent eyes! I can't wait to read your sweet notes!
Jed, I love you emerging personality! I woke up this morning thinking of how it will be to hear you say 'Jesus'!
Truitt, I can't wait to hold you! and to add to my picture collection! You are already being covered in prayer!

Blessings, sweet friends and family!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pleading for prayer over our trip

Well, it is ten days until our little group leaves for Kenya and I want to beg you to lift your voices to the Lord on our behalf. We will not be able to one thing without Him! There are some general prayer requests that have gone out on behalf of the entire team but I want to ask you, friends and family, to pray the following for me:
* For may family's health while I am away, especially my dad and my pregnant daughter-in-law.
* For my clients since I will be gone 2 weeks.
* That Rick will be protected and not feel alone.
* For the flights over and back to be smooth, easy, and free of motion-sickness and anxiety.
* For wisdom and discernment in this ministry.
* That I will rest in Him and serve in His strength.
* That our team will be of one heart so that God will be glorified and magnified.
* That the Lord will use this experience to further caputure our hearts.
* My parents will be moving to Decatur while I am gone! Can you believe it? Pray that goes well for them and that they will be calm in my absence.
* Please pray for our God to cover our team with His traveling mercies!
* I will be facilitating a workshop on grief - please pray the Lord will use our time together to work His healing.

Thank you so much! I would be delighted to pray over you while I am gone. Please send me your requests! What a blessing we have when we take each other's name to the throne of the Almighty! Amen and Amen!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two Weeks from Today!

Two weeks from today, on March 13, I will leave with Come before Winter ministries for a trip to Africa. Come before Winter is a group of women that travel together to host missionary women in a weeklong mission - our aim is to provide them with rest, refreshment, and renewal from Monday through Friday. For this trip, the destination is the coast of Kenya. We are all stressing over the current luggage issues and the shots and various departure dates - but when we get there, our hearts will be one and we will lay aside all 'issues' for the common goal of ministry. I love that! Sixteen girlfriends with one heart and one aim for two weeks! Yes, Lord!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Thought about Love

I could not help but sense the intense sadness of the vet and the owners that had to make the decision to euthanize Barbaro. Wow! They worked so hard for so long!
As a professional counselor who deals with grieving people on a regular basis, there was a quote by one of Barbaro's owners that struck my heart: "Grief is the price we pay to love."
Ah, yes, it is! Love is risky - always a sacrifice at some level. What we have to decide over and over is if it is worth the risk. Healthy love is always worth stepping into more, truth?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, this is it! 2007 is officially in full-swing for this girl. Back in the office and back to trying to catch up.
I loved our holiday season this year! Jed's first Christmas with us was a blast! We have taken great delight in watching Malaya open gifts for 7 years now and she is quite the little pro! So grateful! She knows exactly where to add the ooooh's and the aaaahh's!
To make resolutions or not, that is the question. I am a resolution-maker. I love them! I love writing them down and checking them off as I accomplish them. Yes, I make some that can never be finished and some that give me pleasure to say 'done' and add the little check.
This next year, I really, really want to step in closer to the Lord - to experience His fullness.
I want to again learn more about practicing Sabbath.
I want to scrapbook.
I want to cross-stitch.
I want to decorate for Christmas over Thanksgiving.
I want to try to mail one of the first Christmas letters people receive instead of my traditional New Year's letter.
I want to unleash my soul - to allow myself to love freely and in richer abundance.
I want to love my people well!
I want to know Jesus better!
I want to pray with Rick more.
I want to have more parties!!!
I want to hear more stories!!!
I want to really see the hurting.
I want to follow the Spirit's prompting to do random acts of kindness.
I want to do nothing to cause me shame.

May you be richly blessed in 2007 as you serve Him and His! May the Lord take great delight in you! And may you live in the sunshine of His face! Radiate on us, Lord! May we line up under your Light!